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‘Are You In It For Love ‘ by singer, songwriter Peter Singer. From his hot new CD release ‘Don’t Look Now’.

You will also get his next single ‘Give It Right Back To Me’ from his latest album ‘Don’t Look Now’. Absolutely FREE !

Listen to what some people are saying about Peter Singer:

  • Ex-Chicago drummer Danny Seraphine –  “Peter’s drumming    sounds awesome”, “great vocals too”. 
  • Boston Pops saxophone/woodwind player Ken Reid –  “My favorite cut is ‘Don’t Look Now’.”Great horn arrangements”.
  • Berklee College of Music Professor Jeff Claussen  – “The chord changes, arrangements, instrument choices make ‘Carry Us To The Moon’ my favorite. Very clever chord changes”.
  • John Shea, Radio personality –  “Good singer, songwriter, melodies, I really enjoy the music a lot” “We played ‘Please Don’t Ever Set Me Free on air. Great audience response”!
  • Kortney Shepard,  Music Marketing Representative –  From talk of love to tales of ghosts to questions of alien life existence, Peter Singer’s new album, Don’t Look Now, takes a John Mayer meets The Beatles sound and makes it all his own.

Peter teaches drums, percussion, piano, and guitar, and has a bachelors in audio engineering from Berklee College of Music. In past years he has been a member of many bands as a drummer,keyboardist or vocalist, and his songwriting experience has culminated in this musical collection known as  ‘Don’t Look Now’.

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Peter Singer